The path from idea to launch requires high level development… and we don't just mean coding.

To take an idea to launch (and then to profit), you have to think, communicate, and take action in a way that allows you to preserve resources, get the information you need, and efficiently build towards an MVP.

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We currently work with aspiring and established Founders and CEOs in four ways.

Power Hour

Can one hour save you thousands of dollars and multiple headaches? 100%.



Can you solve your biggest dev blocker in a day? With us, yes.



What would shift in your start-up after a month of Bill acting as your CTO? A lot.


Fractional CTO

All the advantages of having a seasoned head of tech without the annual salary.


What our clients are saying:

As a non-technical founder of a startup, Bill’s guidance and leadership have been invaluable, necessary, and spot-on. I’m confident that we will have a stellar MVP that exceeds expectations, delivered on time and on budget. Bill Boulden is an exceptional partner, and I’d confidently recommend Bill for any tech opportunity.

Marie Bigham

Co-founder &CEO

Bringing Bill on board was one of the best decisions we've ever made as a company. They helped us work through a number of business problems and identified opportunities for us to scale our product that we had not thought about. The amount of trust I now have with Bill is beyond anyone we've ever brought into our team in the past, and will hard to top in the future. They even helped us identify a business risk and provided some insights as we worked through a solution. I cannot recommend Bill enough. And we will continue to work with them as long as they'll let us!

Dave Mason


Finding Bill for our dev work has been such a blessing. From idea to prod, we were up and running well within our expected timeline. Their philosophy of coding focuses on straightforward simplicity. Nothing is over-engineered, and others are able to jump in and collaborate with a clear understanding of the framework with little ramp-up time. If you want efficiency in meeting your dev goals, Bill’s the answer.

Derek Padilla

Co-founder, Head of product

As a first time start up founder with an idea and limited technical know how, Bill's thoughtful approach to understanding our concept, designing the technical needs for our MVP, and then consistently advocating and monitoring and nudging along both on what is being worked on, but how its being worked on, has made all the difference. When issues arise, Bill listens, thinks and provides possible solutions in his typical candor.

Colin Kelly-Rand


I have worked with Bill Boulden on two gigs and am supremely impressed. They are a results-oriented tech engineer who gets dev teams that have been slacking to pick up the workload. They have an excellent work ethic, and a talent for generating high quality product ideas. They always make time for their clients. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Andrea Tinianow

IOV Labs
Chief Legal Officer

Bill has a remarkable talent for breaking down complex strategies and development intricacies into clear, understandable language. This ability, coupled with their well-tuned system for building and managing development teams, truly sets Bill apart. I can say with all honesty that the thought of embarking on the demanding journey of a startup again without Bill by my side is something I wouldn’t even consider. For Favordrop, Bill's presence and skillset are not just valuable, they're indispensable.

Jack Sardinia


If you need an experienced Leader to take your MvP to Production Bill is your person. They are  a technical mastermind and expert in product ideation, MVP/V1 design, AWS architecture, React, Serverless, Node.js, DevOps, and more. Bill will move mountains to meet deadlines, you can rely on them to find a way to get it done, opting for simplicity and ensuring they understand the business needs along way. Bill will inspire the team in leading by example as well as with their depth of knowledge. Bill structures each project for success even after they leave.

Lucy Howie


When Bill joined our team everything shifted. Bill asked all the questions I knew were lingering but didn’t have the language to ask. They not only helped us with the literal building of our software but they also helped us build a bridge between us, the first time tech co-founders, and our Dev team so that we were more organized, efficient, and clearly headed on the path to reaching our goals.

Erin Lindstrom

Let's Collect

I can not say enough positive things about my experience working with Bill. We brought Bill on to build our product after a terrible experience with some overseas contractors. It’s not an overstatement to say Bill came in and saved the day. Through our multi-year relationship Bill has been proven time and time again his reliability, detail oriented nature, problem solving skills, and capability as an engineer. If you can convince them to join your team and help push your idea to product, consider yourself lucky, and get started!

Aaron Nevin


Bill Boulden is a genius engineer and problem solver, and can help any new startup level-up. They joined Clearview Social when we had only a few customers and almost no revenue and helped us grow to over $1 Million in Annual Recurring Revenue in a just a couple of years. Beyond engineering they have a savvy mind for product, a talent for improving process, and a wealth of experience in how to grow startups. If you are a non-technical Founder like I was when we started, you need to talk to Bill.

Adrian Dayton

Clearview Social

Having someone to talk to who gets the tech-side of your vision is imperative to efficiently launch your first (or next) start-up.

Is this doable?
How do we do it cost effectively?
Who do we need on the team?
How do I know that what needs to be done is getting done?What’s the best way to work through this?
What kind of leadership is required?
What do you think about…

We’ve heard it all.
We've seen it all.
And we'd love to help you figure it out.

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